We create custom solutions for each of our clients.
Here is a brief description of our methodology.

(getting to know you)

The bottom line is that we listen and learn before we ever start to design in order to ensure our clients’ success.

We study each client and their industry, their product/service offerings and their competitive environment in order to create the best possible solution that addresses their business needs and goals. We outline the project schedule, determine project goals and requirements, and define both functional and technical requirements. Along with the research, scheduling and competitor reviews, this phase will include brainstorming and ideation sessions.

(conveying the message)

We develop visual interpretations of the project through concepts.

Once the requirements of the project are determined, the design phase begins. We sort through all the ideas and determine the most relevant way to convey the message. The design story begins to take form. The ideas are presented to the client and a discussion ensues about which ones work best. This phase ends when the client and designers agree on the design direction.


The development phase encompasses the technical implementation of the design direction.

During this phase all necessary materials are prepared and the design language is applied with periodic reviews and client sign-offs. Production is completed.


This means different things for each project.

If it is a print job then files are sent to the printer and we monitor the print schedule, handle press checks and do our darndest to ensure the integrity of the final piece. If it is a website then the deployment phase encompasses pre- and post-launch. During this phase, we conduct quality assurance testing, transfer your site from the development environment to the live environment, and test data interchange.