Does Design Really Matter? You Tell Me.

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A Tale of Two Cards

There are a constant barrage of business cards left on my front porch from tree trimmers, cleaning folks, landscapers, gardeners and others insinuating that I am not doing a very good  job of these things myself. I don’t take offense because I am busy and don’t put as much attention into my house as I probably should. Hopefully my friends and family get that and don’t think less of me. But, as I am sort of in the market for a cleaning person, I kept two cards in particular from last week.Cleaning-Card-1 This first one wasn’t too horribly offensive design-wise. With a cute little cleaning girl and an easily legible typeface, I wasn’t tempted to throw it immediately into the trash. Monica and Lucio might be someone I would give a call regarding my need for help with the housecleaning though I am a bit worried about the “Chemical Included.”

But then the next day I found this treasure. I was blown away by the care and thought put into Jackeline & Dalinda’s marketing efforts. I really appreciate that they care enough about their image to create such an adorable business card. I truly believe that they will put that same care into the cleaning of my home.

So tell me, who would you call?cleaning-card-2


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