Fascinating Paper Art

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Delaneys-Paper-stuff1My daughter has kept herself busy this summer creating origami animals and geometric shapes out of paper, Post-it notes in particular. I, too have always had a fascination with paper. I love the different textures and colors, especially those of the handmade variety. Fashioning something three-dimensional from a flat sheet requires extreme patience while completing a challenging combination of cutting and folding in just the right places. I have been amazed by the tiny things she does like the miniature presents in this photo. She will often cut a Post-it note down to a half inch square and fold microscopic origami cranes that sit on your fingertip

I recently did a bit of internet research with her to discover some new shapes she could fold and found the following design inspirations. These people have taken their fetish for paper to a new level. Please enjoy these amazing sites and videos.

Broken Flowers

Peter Callesen is a Danish designer who magically transforms flat sheets of paper into figures that expand into the space surrounding them. Please enjoy all the wonderful creations pictured on his website at http://www.petercallesen.com/index/index2.html



My Paper Mind: An experimental animation in a technique being called “stratastencil” devised by Javan Ivey. Each frame is one piece of 4×6 card stock

High Heel Paper Lanterns: Carlos N. Molina, Paper Genius, has been working with paper since his early childhood in Puerto Rico. His miniature origami shoes have long amazed me. He was recently featured on HGTV’s That’s Clever with his mermaid paper doll. Check out his website for more colorful paper designs: www.carlosnmolina.com


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