10 More Reasons NOT to Hire a Professional Graphic Designer

Posted by | November 4, 2009 | Design, Random Stuff | 4 Comments

awesome-smWe had such a great response to our previous post on this subject matter that we compiled the comments to craft these new gems added a few more submissions of our own. Thanks (and apologies) go out to Barbara, Kathleen, Jerry Lund, Joe Howard, Ed at CR Print and Josh Brown for their comments, which we so selfishly tweaked to fit our twisted thought process.

  1. I already have an idea for my logo, on this bar napkin, and I shouldn’t have to pay someone just to stick it on a 3.5″ x 2″ piece of paper along with my name and phone number. Can’t you just make copies of it? Oh, but I want to make the letters nice and clean and maybe spruce up my drawing a bit.
  2. I can download free fonts and a paint program to create an effective brochure for my upcoming trade show… Can’t I?
  3. 4 Colors?! WTF?! There are billions of colors in the world and that !@$#@ designer only wanted to print with 4 of them?!?!?
  4. That web designer had the nerve to suggest that I didn’t need the cool splash page with our famous spinning globe for our e-commerce site. How will people ever know that we are a “global” company?!?!
  5. PANTONES?!?!? I don’t need no stinkin’ Pantones! I can print the red I want on my inkjet at home! Why can’t the expensive print shop just do it?
  6. I already did this awesome layout in MS Word. It’s ready to go straight to press. What does the printer mean by resolution anyway? The photos look just fine on my monitor. Besides I want to be able to manipulate the document after the first print run of 75.
  7. I used a graphic designer once and she made the logo so small on the letterhead that you couldn’t read it from 15 feet away. No way! Never again!
  8. “We’ve got to cut money somewhere, so my uncle’s brother will print it, in his garage, for free. He wants the files in publisher since he doesn’t have those fancy programs.  He has a lot of lime green paper and a bottle of orange ink left over from a soccer team job, so can you change that photograph to something orange? Oh yeah, and he said to let you know that his Apple IIe doesn’t have a lot of RAM, so he couldn’t open the last file you sent!”
  9. Those designers will charge me three hours of work for something that shouldn’t take more than half an hour. It’s a simple photo and a logo large enough to cover a 40’ wall. Screw that. I’ll do it myself. I just need to learn the programs.
  10. I don’t need no expensive, artsy-fartsy, overly-trained freak with their fancy computer mumbo jumbo. I have the 128 color box of Crayolas… with a built-in sharpener! …“A Sharpie?!” . “No… a Shar-pen-er”. Why would I want a “Shar Pei”  Why does a dog need a marker anyways? Weirdo.



  • Jolan Falk says:

    That’s hilarious, and very true. It makes me long for the days when businesses wouldn’t hesitate to pay for skilled services. It’s a shame that the value of people’s time has been so decreased that they’ll spend days searching for free stuff or trying to do it themselves.

  • nicofrand says:


    that is so funny but so true…

    I’m a french blogger and I was wondering : is there any way I could translate some of your articles and publish it on my blog ? I thought I could use the trackback so it will be clear that you wrote it (and of course, mention your name and blog in introduction of the article)…

    I know I may have some difficulties to write in English however, it’s easier for me to read (and translate) than to write…

  • Sharene says:

    Thanks for the comments. Feel free to use our content and link back. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

  • tom says:

    nice write up. Doesnt really apply for me here but i think i am going to hand out a copy of this to my art staff and make them sweat a bit 🙂

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