About Pi

A quick glance, a click of a mouse. That's all it takes before prospective customers decide if your product or service interests them. Pi Design finds solutions that grab their attention—and make them hold on.

Pi Design is a boutique graphic design firm based in Camarillo, CA, conveniently located halfway between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara in Ventura County. Our team provides comprehensive graphic design solutions, serving clients large and small throughout the U.S. We handle all projects, from corporate identity to trade show graphics to e-commerce websites.

Melding inspiration with technology, we deliver intelligent design solutions.


The Simplest Marketing Plan Ever
If you've been avoiding writing your business' marketing plan, there's nothing more to fear with our simple marketing plan creator.

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5 Inexpensive Marketing Ideas
for a Slow Economy

Here are some low-cost ways to keep your marketing efforts in full swing in a slow economy.

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6 Quick Steps for Creating Successful
Email Blasts

Read our tips on how to ramp up your online marketing.

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6 Quick Steps for Creating Successful
Email Blasts for Wineries

Catch the attention of the growing number of wine enthusiasts and focus their attention on YOUR winery with a new email campaign. Your message will stand out from all the rest when you follow these six easy tips.

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Pi Design Blog

3 Tips for Creating Website Content—Focus, Focus, Focus

When people Google, they know basically what they're looking for so your site has to speak to your potential client/customer instantly.

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QR Code Marketing Tips

You’ve seen those funny little patterned squares. Maybe you’ve ignored them, maybe you’ve wondered about them, maybe you’ve even used them. Well, you’re going to start seeing them more and more.

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